Promotional Items

  • Brochures
  • Mailers
  • Trade Show Booths
  • Large Prints for Graphics or Photography
  • Photography
  • Packaging Design
  • Banners
  • Stationary: Business Cards, Letterhead, Envelopes
  • Signage of All Sorts
  • Vehicles Signs and Wrap
  • Promotional Items: Pens, Magnets, Koozies, Calculators and more

Coey Tech is a full service website company. We can help you design your logo, website, brochure, banners and other marketing materials. We can also refresh your current design, host your website, setup email accounts, reserve domain names, help you maintain your website and create or maintain any other tool to be of use on your website.

Marketing, your entire website is the most economical advertisement you can place. Call the newspaper or a magazine and ask how much it would cost to run a 5 - 10 page advertisement.....see what I mean!

Plus, the great thing about the web is you can change you text every day if you like. Very economical try changing your text in a print ad, not so easy and impossible if already printed.

There are so many markets you can advertise in now-a-days, just keep in mind getting your name out there is the most important.

The saying goes, "You have to spend money to make money." But how much money do you have to spend? I like to think not so much, but it depends on how much business you want to drum up; a lot or is a little fine to start and build from their? We can help you in this area.

Coey Tech had a local newspaper call us and ask if they can put an interview article in about our business and of course we said yes. They got our name thru the local chamber of commerce and from that ad we had 3 phone calls from people we already knew and 2 did websites with us. So look around reach out in your community and see what may fit you and your company and consult Coey Tech we can help.

Have great ideas of your own, just send us an email.

Is your website hurting or helping your business? Do you know how to go about getting the website you want and need?

Everyone was in a hurry to get a website up and running a few years ago, and did whatever it took to get their site up fast and furious. Some of these designs are ineffective and hard to navigate and could be hurting your business. The penalty of having a poor website design can be much greater than you think. Your site may have negative impacts on current and potential clients.

Other sites may have been designed for the old monitors in mind, too small for the new monitors available now.

Today many companies are redesigning their sites. They are taking the time to strategically map out and plan and enhance their sites. That's where Coey Tech can help you, we can help you create a site that is easy to navigate and more functional. We can help you make your website a useful tool and strengthen your marketing strategies. After we launch your site we can help you maximize your exposure on the Internet as well.

Have you already hired a website company to re-design your site but would like an outside consultant to help you ease the process, or help you determine if they are including everything you need for your site? Contact Coey Tech to help you with any of your needs.


Planning an effective marketing strategy takes an incredible amount of time and energy. Coey Tech will help as much as needed. From designing ads to placing them Coey Tech can save you time, money and help your organization reach its goals. As a result, our customers enjoy the added convenience of allowing someone else to handle the details.

President Shera Eitel-Casey has built a network of suppliers when needed in order to guarantee premium quality at reasonable rates. Coey Tech will gladly beat prices offered by competitors

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